Blacklight Tulle in Bright Neon Colours |

Blacklight Tulle in Neon Colours

Our neon tulle is made in England to the highest quality standards and dyed with fluorescent colours. All colours glow brightly under blacklight. Thanks to the "Flare Free" treatment, the tulle is particularly safe: it doesn't burn but melts when it comes into contact with fire. We offer sets of 4 / 6 colours (1m of tulle per colour) as well as whole 40m rolls. On request, we can also provide custom cuts and large quantities.

Practical Tips for Working with Tulle

  • Cutting: Use a rotary cutter to get clean and precise cuts. Tulle doesn't fray, so hemming is not necessary.

  • Washing: Tulle can be washed at 30°C on a gentle cycle in the washing machine or by hand with mild detergent.

  • Smoothing wrinkles: Hang the tulle in the bathroom next to a hot bath; the steam can help smooth out the wrinkles.

  • Ironing: High temperatures can damage or melt tulle. If you need to iron it, place a thick cloth between the tulle and the iron, and set it to a low temperature for synthetic fabrics.

Structured Fabric

The hexagonal mesh pattern and nylon material give the tulle high strength and stiffness, ensuring good shape retention. Tulle is ideal for costumes that need structure and can also add volume to a garment.

Tulle is perfect for decorative and creative purposes, such as table, curtain, and chair coverings, photo backgrounds and props, gift wrapping, and small decorative items like garlands, bows, pom-poms, etc. It is also used for making decorative materials.

Blacklight Glow Effect

The neon colours are particularly intense in daylight and glow very brightly under blacklight (fluorescent effect). This makes the tulle excellent for stage performances with interesting light effects or for decorating party rooms with UV light.

Quality & Safety

Our tulle is made in England according to the REACH regulation and undergoes strict quality controls. It is dyed with azo-free dyes.

A key feature is its flame resistance: the "Flare Free" treatment ensures that the tulle does not burn but melts upon contact with a flame. This is tested by the manufacturer according to the European toy standard EN71-3 (test report available on request).