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Ultraviolet light from UV lamps makes fluorescent materials glow. In the party scene, this is called "blacklight" because UV light is invisible to the human eye ("black"). In party rooms, concerts, or theatre, it creates amazing effects: Only certain neon (fluo) or white fabrics glow while everything else stays dark. Find more information about the blacklight effect here.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Blacklight

Why Blacklight?

What exactly is blacklight, and what is it used for? It’s not "black light" but a type of UV-A radiation – ultraviolet light. This radiation has a shorter wavelength than visible violet light. Fluorescent objects glow under this radiation, creating a beautiful effect! You can use this effect in many different ways:

  • Events: The most popular use – blacklight parties, discos, raves, or large events are perfect for it. Neon accessories make for glowing outfits, and painted walls also shine brightly under blacklight.

  • Special: Creative minds combine the ordinary with the extraordinary. Events like blacklight mini golf or special UV tattoos are proof of that.

  • Blacklight Theatre: Performers dress in black and wear only fluo elements on their clothing – these glow under blacklight and are visible to the audience. The rest of the black clothing (and thus the actors) remain invisible. This effect allows for many creative performances that amaze the audience.

Why are some things visible under blacklight and others not?

The range in which UV light shines is not normally visible to humans. When ultraviolet radiation from a blacklight lamp hits an object, it can start to glow for us. Fluorescent objects like body paint or UV tape reflect blacklight, creating the popular effect, making clothes or painted faces glow brightly!

Do neon products glow under blacklight?

Many neon products glow under blacklight – but not all! It depends on the colours used by the manufacturer – only products with fluorescent pigments will glow under blacklight. At Eventlights, we test ALL products with our blacklight lamps. We generally sell only items that have a good blacklight effect.

We develop products like blacklight wall paints ourselves to achieve optimal UV brightness. We carefully select products like neon tulle for the best blacklight effect.

Do you have more questions about the blacklight effect? Write to us: info@eventlights.shop – we are happy to help!

Blacklight Lamps

We are happy to answer any questions about suitable blacklight lighting.

Regular Ambient Light and Blacklight

The blacklight effect works best when there is ONLY blacklight in the room, meaning it’s completely dark otherwise. This isn’t always possible; there are usually colourful decor lights, safety lights, stage lighting, etc.

Using powerful UV floodlights usually solves this issue, and the effect works well despite decor lights.

But beware: Strong white light (sunlight, white spotlights, regular fluorescent tubes, etc.) destroys the blacklight effect. The only solution is to darken the room.

Best to Try It Out!

For larger projects, planning is easiest when you try the effect: Order a floodlight, mount it, turn on the rest of the (decorative) lights, and test with white T-shirts or other UV-active materials to see how well the blacklight effect works – and where to best position the lights!

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