The UV effect can be produced by turning on blacklight lamps in a dark room: fluorescent paints, clothing or decoration items will reflect the ultraviolet light. You can immediately notice that magical light effect!

Our top seller is the UV Bodypaint: you can use it on your face and body. In daylight this paint is visible in neon colours, in blacklight they show a wonderful glow effect!

Why blacklight?

What is actually blacklight and what is it used for? This is not "black light", but a range of UV-A radiation: in other words, ultraviolet light. This radiation has a shorter wavelength than the still visible- violet light. Fluorescent objects glow brightly under this radiation, creating a wonderful visual effect that you can use in many different ways:

  • Events: The most widespread use - at blacklight parties, in nightclubs, at raves or goa parties, and at major events, this light is extremely popular. Special clothing and accessories ensure a glowing outfit and painted walls also shine brightly in blacklight.
  • Miscellaneous: Imaginative minds combine the everyday with the extraordinary. Events such as blacklight mini golf or special UV tattoos are proof of this.
  • Blacklight theatre: The cast dresses in black and only wears individual fluorescent elements on their clothing - these glow in blacklight and are therefore visible to the audience. The black clothes (and consequently the actors) remain invisible. This effect opens up many possibilities for creative plays that are always astonishing for the viewer.

Why are some things visible in blacklight and others not?

The wavelength in which UV light is emitted is actually imperceptible to people. When the ultraviolet radiation from a blacklight lamp reaches an object, it may begin to visibly shine. The reason: Fluorescent items such as our bodypaint products or our neon UV tape reflect blacklight, creating that fun glow effect.