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Neon Parties, Festivals & Retro Parties

If you want to give your event a special kick, why not throw a neon party or an 80s / retro party? With the fantastic effects, a high fun factor is guaranteed. Our neon items glow brightly under blacklight – set up a few blacklight lamps for the best effect!

Wild neon body painting, brilliant neon clothing & blacklight accessories, or matching wigs will ensure that you and your guests have a truly unforgettable neon party.

Neon Party Accessories by Colour: Neon pink accessories, neon green accessories, neon orange accessories, neon yellow accessories.

Neon Party Tips

A neon party is an event combined with blacklight, glow sticks, flashing accessories, and great music. It's popular with teenagers and people in their twenties, and even adults love to join in the glow fun!

There are some party items you simply must have for a successful neon party. Here are our “must-haves” for a bright and colourful neon-themed party:

  • Neon Bodypaint: Ideal for clubbing, festivals, and anywhere with UV lighting. Party guests need to be painted! Show your artistic side by painting cool designs on your face and body.

  • Neon Bracelets (Glow Sticks): Perfect for everyday use, parties, raves, festivals, clubs, and whenever you want to stand out from the crowd. Also a great idea for party goodie bags!

  • Neon Accessories: These are unique and creative types of accessories. These accessories glow in blacklight in fantastic neon colours. This way, you can express your personal style and stand out at your own party.

  • Neon Cups: The party can start with our neon cups and neon shot glasses! Ideal for events, stag nights, or any occasion where friends gather to drink and have fun.

Whether it's glowing drinks, glow sticks, braces, wigs, or tutus – there is a perfect accessory for everyone. Throw a fabulous neon party!

With blacklight lamps, you make the neon colours GLOW!

80s Party Accessories

For an 80s party, all neon-coloured products are great. Additionally, you can get hold of some terribly old-fashioned tracksuits from costume shops or wigs with totally out-of-fashion mullet hairstyles. While we don't offer those, we have everything to add lovely neon accents – that also glow under blacklight.

Carnival & Fancy Dress Ideas

Neon is always a hit during carnival season! If you want to spread cheer, just grab some neon makeup and decorate your friends' faces and bodies. With glowing tulle fabric, you can make not only tutus but also many accessories and entire costumes (how about a neon pink tulle headpiece?).

For all kinds of decorations, neon gaffa tape and bright craft paint are perfect.