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80s Party – A Colourful Time Travel

Lively, flashy, and wonderfully colourful: The legendary carefree spirit of the 80s invites you to celebrate the past with a cheerful retro party! To create the right atmosphere, make sure nothing is left to chance when planning. Looking for the perfect 80s outfit and pop accessories for your party? Then you're in the right place: browse our range and relive an unforgettable time!

80s Party Accessories by Colour: Neon pink accessories, neon green accessories, neon orange accessories, neon yellow accessories.

How to Make Your 80s Party a Huge Success!

Do you want your guests to feel like they've been catapulted back to the 80s as soon as they enter the party room? There’s only one answer: neon colours! In our range, you’ll find a wide selection of brightly coloured accessories that shine under blacklight, including:

  • 80s decoration items like neon tulle, neon gaffa tape, and neon cups

  • 80s makeup / neon makeup and glowing press-on nails

  • 80s accessories like neon braces, colourful sweatbands, and neon bead necklaces and bracelets

  • 80s wigs in bright neon colours

and much more. This way, you can create a fantastic atmosphere with little effort. The same goes for costumes: Combine a tight-fitting aerobic outfit with fluorescent tulle and glowing makeup. Add a bright headband and colourful leg warmers.

Men should also embrace the colours and let the 80s disco fever rise. Were you a real party animal back then and still have your old boombox with nostalgic cassettes? You should definitely bring it back to life for the 80s themed party! Remind your guests of the good times when only a bit of tape getting tangled could temporarily spoil the fun.

Fluorescent Tapes – Versatile Uses

In our range, you’ll find glowing tapes in yellow, green, orange, and pink. Use them not only to mark steps, edges, and furniture but also to create real visual highlights with geometric patterns that will make your guests say "Wow" when the blacklight floods the room.

If someone feels a bit underdressed for an 80s themed party, UV tape can quickly turn a regular suit into a real disco outfit. And then: Let the music play! Let Olivia Newton-John take you to Xanadu or float away with Nena’s 99 Luftballons straight into the happy 80s.