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80s Makeup: Bold, Bright, and Unforgettable!

The 80s were all about vibrant colours, daring looks, and leaving the ordinary behind. Subtle makeup? Not a chance! Especially at parties, the motto was: More is more! Get inspired by the bright colours of the 80s and create your own party look. Here you'll find everything you need to make your next 80s party an unforgettable experience.

Bright Lips in the Spotlight

With our neon lipstick set, you get pink, orange, yellow, and green lipsticks. These vibrant colours will make your lips the highlight of any 80s party. Use them as solid colours or try the ombré effect: start with the lightest colour, yellow, in the centre of your lips. Then apply orange to the sides and blend with yellow. Finish the look with pink on the edges. This creates an impressive colour gradient on your lips, glowing in true 80s style (especially under blacklight).

Colourful Body Art with Neon Body Paint and Makeup Sticks

Discover your artistic side with our neon body paint sets! Whether it's face painting or bold accents on the body, with these glowing colours, you'll be the star of the 80s party. The body paint sets are also great for painting many other party guests – even small touches of colour bring 80s flair to faces!

With our neon makeup sticks in bright colours, you can paint even more precisely. Draw intricate patterns or bold highlights – the wax-based cosmetic colours last all night!

Vibrant Nails That Stand Out

An 80s party girl outfit isn't complete without eye-catching neon nails. We have the easiest solution for a quick transformation: self-adhesive press-on nails in bold neon colours. Just stick them on and party, no mess!

As a bonus, these artificial nails glow beautifully under blacklight – the shiny finish makes it possible!