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80s Party Decor - Bright Colours and Cool Vibes!

The 80s are back – and with our neon decor, brighter than ever! From UV-active neon wall paint to neon spiral garlands and neon UV tulle, we have everything you need to turn your space into a dazzling dance floor.

Set the Right Light

With our neon UV products and blacklight, you can give your party that perfect 80s glow. Neon UV tapes in four colours add great accents and make the room stand out. Stick geometric patterns on walls and furniture or mark steps and edges – the possibilities are endless!

Colourful Details Make the Difference

Add the finishing touch to your 80s party with our colourful neon balloons, neon cups, and neon shot glasses. Whether on the table, in the air, or in your guests' hands, these bright details are real eye-catchers.

Paint Your Walls in Neon Colours

With our UV-active neon wall paint, you can give your walls a fresh, glowing coat. Choose from four different neon colours and create unique patterns and designs that come to life under blacklight.