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Blacklight Makeup & Body Paint

Our blacklight makeup and blacklight body paint are perfect for body painting! The creamy colours can be applied directly from the tube (with your finger or a brush). They dry quickly and are long-lasting – for a glow effect all night long!

Imaginative and Spectacular Faces with Blacklight Makeup

With blacklight makeup, there are countless ways to get creative. Bodypainting colours are particularly popular, showing vibrant hues in daylight but truly sparkling under blacklight. Paint fantastic faces or just specific body parts. With blacklight makeup, you can create subtle highlights or complete costumes. Here are the essential blacklight/UV makeup products:

  • Neon UV Bodypaint (6 colours set): This wax-based paint is suitable for the face and entire body - an absolute must!

  • Blacklight Lipstick: Top quality, stays on perfectly, even after many kisses!

Blacklight Bodypaint for Colourful Bodies

The blacklight bodypaint colours from our range add a special touch to your party! They can be used all year round and provide a wonderful glow effect all night long! Body paints from the tube can be easily applied to the skin with fingers or a brush and dry quickly. For precise drawings, our bodypaint pens are perfect, and for the face, we have many other blacklight makeup products!

With our bodypaint products, you bring glowing colour effects into play. You only need blacklight lamps or UV torches to make the colours shine in their full glory. Neon bodypaint colours are suitable for all kinds of celebrations, whether private parties or disco events.

Musicians no longer have exclusive rights to colourful body painting: artists like Deichkind, Bilderbuch, and bodypaint artist Johannes Stötter have made colourful body paintings famous, and now the audience is increasingly using them too. Just like choosing your clothes, each guest can express their individuality with blacklight body paint!

How Much Body Paint is Needed Per Person?

  • 2 ml: Enough for small decorations on the face or arms

  • 4-6 ml: Required for a fully painted face

  • 20-40 ml: Needed for the entire upper body, depending on body size

Glow Effect

Our makeup glows brilliantly under blacklight - perfect for discos or home party rooms (blacklight lamps required)!

Bodypainting colours can be easily removed with water and soap!