Blacklight paint

In this category you will find UV paint for walls, textiles, crafts, etc. Are you looking for blacklight body paint? You can find it in the UV body paint section!

We are happy to help you choose the right UV paint!

Should the colour be visible or invisible in daylight?

  • Our Invisible UV paint is only visible in blacklight. This is ideal for hidden graffiti or signs!
  • UV paints -visible in daylight- are recommended for all other applications where the "invisible" effect is not required.

We offer suitable paints depending on the application:

  • UV wall paint & craft paints: these fluorescent paints are ideal for decorating walls - simply paint on a white wall for the best glowing effect. They can be used indoors and outdoors, and on many materials such as wood, fabrics, etc.: 5 colours set
  • Invisible UV wall paints: These paints are always in demand when the paint should be invisible in daylight! They can be used on walls and many other surfaces - but the important thing is that the surface is as light/white as possible so that the paint is really invisible and glows well.
  • Invisible UV markers: This professional Edding UV Marker holds on many substrates. On a light background it is almost invisible (transparent coating), on a darker background the transparent coating is visible. This marker is ideal for hidden markings, as well as for artistic decorations that should only become visible in blacklight.
  • Invisible UV stamp ink is used in clubs for entrance/ticket controls, but can also be used as ink for invisible writing, hidden markings or for body painting. Tip: Install blacklight lamps or use UV torches at the entrance to check the UV stamps!

Do you have any more questions? Contact us, we will gladly advise you on the right choice of UV or blacklight paint!