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Blacklight Wall Paint - Neon & Fluorescent

Check out our blacklight wall paints for walls, wood, and many other materials. These paints are neon colours (or white) in daylight and glow brightly under blacklight (fluorescent effect). They are made in Austria. More information about our blacklight paints.

Blacklight Paints from Eventlights

We have specially optimised our neon wall paint for glowing effects under blacklight: the pigments and brighteners included are highly fluorescent, making the colours shine brightly under blacklight/UV light.

The base of the paint is a high-quality wall paint from Austrian production. Our paint behaves just like regular emulsion paint (interior wall paint), the only difference being the UV-active pigments.

Colour Effect in Daylight

In daylight, the colours are bright neon green/yellow/blue/red. The white paint has a darker shade than typical white wall paint, so it's not completely "invisible" on a white wall. This is due to the absence of "whiteners" (e.g., titanium dioxide) that are usually used in white wall paints. These whiteners would interfere with the UV glow effect, so we leave them out. Instead, we use UV-active brighteners, which create a strong glow effect under blacklight.

Glow Effect and Coverage

Neon glow paints (fluorescent paints) have low coverage because they need to reflect light as much as possible. Any dark surface should therefore be primed with white paint. A white base provides the best glow effect.

Glow Effect in the Dark

The pigments in this wall paint are fluorescent, meaning they need UV light or blacklight to glow. Without blacklight, they do not glow.

Comparison of blacklight paint with "glow in the dark" paint:

  • Blacklight paint / fluorescent: Strong glow effect, distinct colours, unlimited glow duration (as long as the paint is illuminated with blacklight), low ambient light (like in bars or discos) is possible, lower price.

  • "Glow in the dark" paint / phosphorescent: Weak glow effect that fades after a few minutes depending on the product, usually only available in green or turquoise, needs to be "charged" with a strong light source, low ambient light disrupts the effect, higher price.

We only offer fluorescent paints as they are much better suited for events. Phosphorescent paints are suitable for other applications, such as (weak) night-time orientation lights in the home.

Applications of Blacklight Paints

Glowing Colours in Event Spaces

Blacklight wall paint can transform rooms impressively. In event spaces like nightclubs or clubs, the glowing colours under UV light create a lively atmosphere, while theme bars gain a distinctive ambience. Any room gets a special touch with glowing neon accents.

Minigolf with a Twist

Besides event spaces, the glowing wall paints are also used in blacklight minigolf courses. Tracks and walls start to glow, creating a fascinating atmosphere that guarantees an exciting gaming experience.

Fluorescent Colours at Home

Fluorescent paints are not only eye-catching in entertainment spaces. In the home, they add a special touch to living spaces and furniture. Try artistic graffiti and wall paintings or highlight furniture to create a unique atmosphere. Our wall paints adhere to many surfaces, but keep in mind: the surface should always be as light (or white) as possible to bring out the glow effect.