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Blacklight Cups in Neon Colours

Blacklight cups in neon colours are a captivating addition to any event. Whether at birthday parties, club events, or cosy evenings with friends, these cups create a special atmosphere and leave an unforgettable impression.

Blacklight Cups for Parties and More

Neon cups are not only eye-catching under blacklight but also stand out in normal lighting with their vibrant colours. They are perfect for various occasions:

  • Themed Parties: For a blacklight party or an event with a glowing theme, neon cups are a must-have. They add the necessary flair and transform any space into a lively, colourful party zone. Combine the glow cups with other blacklight decorations to create an impressive overall look.
  • Cocktail Evenings: Add a touch of magic to your cocktail evenings by serving drinks in neon cups. The glowing colours of the cups under blacklight give the drinks a special appearance, making them the highlight of the evening. Experiment with glowing ingredients like tonic water (which glows due to the quinine) to make your cocktails even more impressive.
  • Creative Projects and Games: Blacklight cups can also be used for creative projects or games. Organise a beer pong tournament or other drinking games under blacklight, using the neon cups. The glowing colours of the cups add extra fun and make the game look entirely different.

Reusable Neon Glow Cups

Our durable plastic cups are dishwasher safe* and reusable, making them perfect for numerous parties or birthday celebrations. They offer a more sustainable alternative to disposable cups, which often need to be discarded after a short time.

*The dishwasher suitability is tested by the manufacturer according to EN 12875-1 standard (100 wash cycles at 60°C). However, for aesthetic reasons, it is recommended to hand wash the cups to maintain their shiny surface for longer.

Safety of Plastic Cups

Plastic cups offer increased safety compared to glass in various scenarios. Here are some examples:

  • Outdoor Events: Plastic cups reduce the risk of injuries from broken glass during picnics, barbecues, or festivals.
  • Children's Birthdays: The cups are easy for children to hold, and if one is dropped, there are no shards.
  • Sports Events: In stadiums and arenas, plastic cups are a safe option to avoid accidents caused by broken glass.
  • Hospitality and Catering: In high-traffic areas like bars, cafes, and catering events, plastic cups result in less breakage, reducing waste and accident risk.

Discover the versatile uses of our blacklight cups and turn any occasion into a glowing experience full of colours and fun!