Blacklight cups

With cool blacklight cups every celebration gets a boost. From children's birthdays to large events, our neon cups are a must. Create magical effects with cups that glow in blacklight. This is how you serve awesome drinks!

Blacklight cups for parties and more

Cocktails, shots and other drinks look much more spectacular with the our blacklight glasses. You can serve everything from children's punch to eye-catching appetisers, and they will always be a hit!  

These cups look fun and colourful in daylight, but you can also use blacklight lamps to make them shine bright. There are some really tempting recipes for drinks that glow, too! Tonic water, for example, is an ideal ingredient, as it glows particularly well due to the quinine in it. Serve drinks with a “nuclear power plant” look, but delicious taste!

Or maybe give a try to Anna Kendrick’s “Cup Song” and and treat your guests to a great show. 

UV Cups are definitely the perfect addition to any bar with blacklight lamps: people just love their glow effect! And, importantly, they are made of sturdy plastic, can be easily washed in a dishwasher and reused.