Blacklight Tape |

Blacklight Gaffa Tape - Bright Decoration for Your Party

Immerse your event in a sea of bright neon colours with our neon tape! Ideal for festivals, stage shows, or parties to create impressive visual effects. The strong fabric tape is versatile and easy to apply on smooth surfaces, stage edges, walls, or furniture. Whether you're making geometric patterns or creative costume ideas, the fluorescent colours provide unique accents and stunning results under blacklight.

Uses for Gaffa Tape:

  • Perfect for neon parties, 80s parties, and bad taste parties

  • As stage tape for concerts, band performances, shows

  • Decorating trusses, DJ booths, and other fixtures in the disco: just stick it on and the location is ready for a neon party!

  • Safety markings, e.g., on floors, steps, doors, etc. – glowing under blacklight!

  • General decoration – easy to apply and remove

  • For 80s outfits: the tapes can also be stuck onto clothes for a quick, ready-to-go look! Much easier than painting with neon colours.

Technical Properties of the Fabric Tapes:

  • Very tear-resistant (strong fabric tapes / gaffa / duct tape)

  • Impermeable to water vapour

  • Heat resistant up to 90 degrees

  • Material: polyester and cotton fabric (70 mesh)

  • Smooth PE surface coating

All tapes glow under blacklight / are fluorescent!