Glow Sticks 150x15mm 50 pcs. Color Mix |

Glow Sticks 150x15mm 50 pcs. Color Mix

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These glow sticks are ideal for parties and concerts - they glow brightly and are safe. Create atmospheric effects without the risk of fire!

For Events & Parties

Glow sticks bring excitement to the crowd: At TV shows, song contests, or talent searches: Thousands of colorful glow sticks show the audience's enthusiasm!

Outdoor Use of Glow Sticks

  • As emergency light when camping, perfect for reading maps and finding your way

  • For marking paths, e.g., during orienteering

  • As position lights for sailboats

  • For diving - glow sticks are waterproof and do not require oxygen

  • As marker lights for night golf

Package Includes

  • 50 power glow sticks in mixed colors

  • 50 safety lanyards


  • Glow sticks are the safe alternative when no fire (sparklers, lighters) is allowed! They have a sturdy plastic casing, and there is no heat generation.

  • The included safety lanyards break under strong tension, eliminating the risk of strangulation if the lanyard gets caught!

Glow sticks can be used to decorate many things. Since they pose no fire hazard, they are a beautiful alternative to sparklers or flares. They can also be hung on the Christmas tree (with the included safety lanyards).

Special Orders

We gladly offer larger quantities and can also fulfill specific color requests, e.g., 100 red glow sticks and 100 green sticks. Just send us the desired quantity and the latest delivery date/location, and we will provide a quote.

Printing and Labeling Glow Sticks

The sticks can be easily printed using the "pad printing" process, a service offered by local promotional item printers. It's even easier to personalize the glow sticks with stickers. You will need two things:

  • Standard transparent address labels, e.g., from Avery. Transparent labels work best because the logo/text is beautifully backlit by the glow stick (the background in the print file must also be transparent for this effect).

  • A suitable printer, e.g., a black-and-white laser printer compatible with the labels.

This way, you can label thousands of sticks with promotional logos for just a few euros.