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Flirt Party Pack with 300 Glow Bracelets

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This flirt party pack is perfect for a flirt or singles party - every guest gets a glowing glow bracelet to show their flirt status!

This pack is ideal for singles parties with 200 - 250 guests - so everyone gets a bracelet in their desired color!

The pack includes:

  • 100 GREEN glow bracelets - "I'm here to flirt!"

  • 100 YELLOW glow bracelets - "Maybe you have a chance!"

  • 100 RED glow bracelets - "Sorry, I'm taken."

The matching connectors are, of course, included!


  • Prepare the glow bracelets before the party starts: attach the connectors to the glow sticks without activating them

  • Place the assembled bracelets in sturdy drinking glasses or cups at the entrance

  • Activate the bracelets shortly before the guests arrive - you can activate and shake a whole bundle (50-100 glow sticks) at once for a great effect!

  • Have 2-3 staff members distribute the bracelets - this way, each guest gets only 1 or 2 glow sticks in their desired color

  • IMPORTANT: If glow sticks are left out for "self-service," the supply will run out quickly, especially since young party guests love glow sticks and will take as many as they can!

Glow bracelets glow well under blacklight - even when they are worn out after 8-12 hours and no longer glow on their own!

We have been selling top-quality glow bracelets for over 15 years!