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UV Blacklight Spider Web XXL

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This blacklight spider web is perfect for ultimate spooky fun. The polyester fleece is easy to cut into suitable pieces and stretch out wide. Decorate a party room, disco, or any event location and illuminate the artificial spider threads with blacklight lamps.


  • 1 UV Blacklight Spider Web XXL, 100 g, covering approximately 5 square meters, Material: 100% Polyester
  • 5 Black plastic spiders

Decoration Ideas

The spider web is a must-have for glowing Halloween decorations. It can also be used for other occasions:

  • Decorate an escape room and use the blacklight glow effect: The web looks inconspicuous in normal light but glows brightly under a UV flashlight. You can hide messages that can only be deciphered under blacklight!
  • Incorporate small parts of the spider web into your costume, such as stretching it over a pointed witch hat or other clothing. It glows under blacklight, adding an extra spooky effect.
  • Decorate your home for a horror or mystery movie night. Hang UV spider webs and illuminate them with blacklight. It sets the right mood and makes the evening unforgettable.


  1. Take the fleece out of the packaging and carefully pull it apart.
  2. There are several layers of fleece in the packaging - separate the layers until only one layer is left.
  3. Spread this layer on the floor or on a large table. The fleece should be in strips about 30-50 cm wide.
  4. Cut a suitable piece from the fleece strip, e.g., 50 cm in length.
  5. Pull this piece apart until the spider web looks as realistic as possible - the more delicate the web, the more realistic it appears!
  6. Illuminate the web with a blacklight lamp - this way, you can see the glow effect of the spider threads and get a sense of how dense the web should be.


The fleece is compactly folded in the packaging (about 18 x 18 cm) but requires a lot of space when fully spread out as described above. So, take only a small piece (e.g., 50 x 50 cm) and start decorating. This small piece can already cover 1-2 square meters when fully stretched. Check the effect with blacklight from the start. The denser the fleece, the more it reflects blacklight (like a white sheet of paper or a white T-shirt); the more delicate it is, the weaker the glow effect.

You can, of course, reuse the spider web fleece. Remove the webs after the party and store them loosely. Do not press them together too tightly to prevent the layers from sticking together.