Blacklight wool & string art

For truly unusual decorative designs we recommend our fantastic blacklight wool. You can use it to craft cool pieces with a String Art look. These amazing creations glow stunningly in blacklight. Time for a new hobby with neon UV wool.

Deco ideas with blacklight wool

Our neon blacklight wool is not only great to knit or crochet, but also to create beautiful thread art pieces that are perfect to decorate any party room. As well as creative, String Art is also an inexpensive way to adorn large wall surfaces. 

There are plenty of tutorials available, often videos, that make it easy for anyone to give a try to blacklight String Art. You could start with simple patterns and make them more complex until you become a pro. In any case, your designs can be the highlight of your next party. Pair them with the best blacklight lighting to to ensure an awesome glow effect.

Naturally, you can also use the different UV wool colours for completely different projects. There are great DIY guides for upcycling with wool. Bracelets made of plastic bottles, which are artfully wrapped with neon wool threads, homemade carnival wigs, necklaces or even sphere lights.

Our fluorescent wool is made of 100% acrylic yarn and can be used just like commercial wool. It is ideal to add glowing accents to your knitted sweater or to knit a glowing neon beanie for the club!