Blacklight tape

Blacklight tape is a must at every neon party! Stick our neon tapes on your party outfit, decorate the party location (trusses, DJ stands, stages, doors), mark the floor!

These tapes can be easily cut: You can tear them lengthwise and crosswise, without tools. For example, you can cut them in half their width and tear off pieces of any length - ideal for creative decorations.


  • Ideal for neon parties, 80s parties or Bad Taste parties
  • As stage tape for concerts, band performances, shows
  • Design of trusses, DJ consoles and other elements in the club: Just stick it on and the location is ready for a neon party!
  • Safety markings, e.g. on the floor, steps, doors, etc. - that glow in blacklight!
  • General decoration - simple and fast application and removal
  • For neon party outfits: The tapes can also be stuck on clothes to be ready quickly! This is much easier than using neon paint.

Technical features:

  • Tearproof (strong fabric tape / duct tape)
  • Steam-impermeable
  • Resistant to temperatures up to 90 degrees
  • Material: polyester and cotton fabric (70 mesh)
  • Smooth polyethylene surface coating

All tapes glow in blacklight / are fluorescent!