Neon UV tape - 4 colour set

Item number 539

Glowing neon magic for music festivals or stage shows. With our neon UV adhesive tape you can achieve the greatest effects. Their neon colours glow particularly beautifully in blacklight

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Our neon UV tapes can be used in many ways. There are hardly any limits to your imagination. Cover plain floors, stage edges, walls or party furniture with them. Geometric patterns work really well.

You can even put them on clothes for special shows. Neon tape delivers amazing results for anything that is performed in sync by multiple people. Adding blacklight illumination they will stand out even more.

These duct tapes are very flexible and simple to handle: You can easily rip them with your hands, so you can also tear narrow strips!

Technical details: All-purpose, made of polyester and cotton fabric (70 mesh) with smooth polyethylene surface coating, impermeable to steam, Temperature-resistant up to 90 degrees.

Colours in the set: yellow, green, orange, pink (4 x 10 m)

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