Neon UV Splash Paint 4 x 5 litres

Item number 679

Our UV Splash Paint is a must-have at any party! You get  a 4 x 5 litres of ready-mixed paint (yellow, green, blue and pink) - it can be used immediately and squirted. Accessories: Our Neon UV paint shines strongly under black light (UV light). Order black light lamps to achieve the best lighting effect!

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The Neon UV paint is safe for the skin (similar to body cream) and has been tested under cosmetic standards. It is manufactured and tested in Europe, we will provide the test certificates if requested.

This neon paint is not suitable for painting, etc., but only to be used for recreational purposes.

Splash Paint can be easily washed off with soap and water and can also be washed out of most textiles and clothing (may require 2-3 washing cycles). We can not guarantee that the paint can be removed from all materials and furniture. In particular paint pigments can attach on rough surfaces (eg., on rough plaster walls). We recommend Paint Parties to be held only on suitable premises (without valuable furniture, etc.). Guests should not wear valuable clothing and must be informed and agree that, of course, the paint will be splashed on them.  

Availability information: Larger quantities (more than what is available in stock) can also be ordered, in which case we fill the paint as quickly as possible and ship it as soon as it is ready. Please order at least 2 weeks before the party date - for short-notice orders please contact us.

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