Eventlights NEON UV paint 5 x 500 ml

Item number 1469

Fluorescent paint for interior decorating – and more intense fluorescent effect under UV / black light!

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This paint glows in daylight (and is visible) but this effect is intensified under UV and black light. You can decorate rooms but it can also be used to paint paper (just like classic water colours).

For the best effects a white foundation should be used. The different colours (water-based) can be mixed and by adding water the desired viscosity can be achieved. Tools etc. can be easily cleaned with water and soap.

Colours in set: blue, yellow, green, red, white (5 x 500 ml)

IMPORTANT: This paint is visible in daylight (neon colours) and lights up in blacklight (UV light). It doesn't light up by itself without a blacklight lamp. 

Depending on the surface and the number of colour layers, about 100-200 ml of colour per square metre is required.

With this colour set an area of about 4 x 4 metres can be painted (if all colours are used).

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