25 Glow Sticks 150x15mm

Those glow sticks are suited ideal for parties, concerts and special events. Can also be used for juggling or breakdancing using the hooks that come with it. You’ll certainly be noticed!    


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25  piece
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red: 18 pieces available
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The glow sticks are perfect to create a magic atmosphere at concerts or at the disco! They are often used in television broadcasts because they transform the audience in a sea of lights!

These bright glow sticks are also very popular for outdoor applications:

  • As emergency lights during camping, perfect for reading a map and locating your exact position
  • To marc trails, for example for orienteering
  • As navigation lights on sailboats
  • For diving - the glow sticks are waterproof and do not require oxygen
  • As marker lights at nightgolf

If extremely lights are needed, we recommend the colors green and yellow - these glowsticks have the highest luminosity!