Confetti cannons - Red and white hearts

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Make it rain, sweetheart! Fantastic for weddings, bachelor parties, or just to surprise your favourite person. Super easy to shoot with the confetti cannon.

* incl. totaal Btw. excl. Verzendkosten


With a confetti cannon of red and white hearts you can spread a romantic vibe. These cannons work with air pressure (they are not fireworks). The confetti hearts are a great way to create a special atmosphere on Valentine's Day and are also a great alternative to rice at weddings. The confetti effect looks stunning on photos too, give it a try!

Safety instructions: For adults only. Do not shoot at people. Do not shoot close to ears (produce loud bang when shooting).

Delivery scope: 1 confetti cannon (approx. 28 cm long), content: red and white paper hearts.


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