UV paint powder for 160L of neon Splash Paint - 4 colors

Item number 1589

This splash paint powder is neon and glows very well in blacklight / UV light! It can be mixed in only 5-10 minutes!

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Colors in the set: green, pink, yellow, blue
Delivery scope: 4 x 400g

Recommended mixing ratios:

400 g powder (one package) with:

  • 35-40 litres of water: Regular splash paint
  • 25-30 litres of water: Super thick splash paint

Tips: The paint can first be mixed with less water (e.g. 30 litres), then more can be added as needed to achieve the desired consistency. You can also mix a smaller amount of paint, e.g. 200g/20 litres. Then store the remaining powder in an airtight container.


Put the desired amount of warm tap water into a suitable container.

Start stirring with a whisk (on a drill). Slowly pour the paint powder into the water. Important: Follow this sequence, the water must always be in the container before the powder!

Mix for about 5-10 minutes. The paint will now have the right consistency and can be used immediately! If you want to dilute the paint: Add water and mix again for 1-2 minutes.

According to the manufacturer, the finished paint should be used within 1-2 days (ideally when it is warm, making it enjoyable for the party goers). Our tests have shown that if the paint is stored in a cool place, it still has an ideal consistency after 1-2 weeks (pigments do not settle).


Conventional water guns (ideally with tank/pump, with large filling holes) can also be used, but the splash paint should be diluted more (e.g. 50 litres of water per 400 g powder) - please test it out.

This Neon UV Paint powder is skin-friendly (comparable to body paint) and has been tested according to cosmetic standards. The paint is manufactured and tested in Europe, we are happy to provide the test certificates if required. 

The paint can be easily washed off with soap and water and can also be well removed from most textiles (possibly 2-3 washes are necessary). We cannot guarantee that the paint can be cleaned from all materials and furniture. Colour pigments can get stuck, especially on rough surfaces (e.g. on rough wall plaster). We recommend that Splash Paint Parties are only held in suitable rooms (without valuable furniture, etc.). Guests should not wear valuable clothing items and must of course be informed and agree to being splashed with paint.