UV Splash Paint

UV Splash Paint Parties come from England and are being organized throughout whole Europe now! We offer the paint required for these parties in 5 liter tanks of ready-mixed paint (Splash UV paint) and also in powder for self-mixing for larger quantities of paint (Neon UV paint powder).

The UV Splash Paint is a cosmetic product that is produced in Europe following high standards. The paint can be washed out of most clothings and can be removed with water and soap.

Frequently asked questions

  • What do you need to organize a Paint Party?

The UV Splash Paint is the most important product: we recommend the UV Splash Paint Powder to mix with water.

The paint needs to be squirted, use for example regular water pistols or paint blasters.

Also the blacklight lamps are necessary for Paint Parties at night (as a Disco Party). Obviously you can use the Splash Paint also during the day, at a Beach Party for example!

  • Will the UV paint stain my customers’ clothes or shoes?

The paint should not stain fabrics providing they are washed immediately after the event, although we recommend that you wear clothes that you would not mind if they did, unfortunately, become slightly stained. We recommend purchasing a boiler suit from our shop at the event or online..

  • Is the paint harmful, toxic or hazardous?

No, the paint is specially designed and manufactured by professional companies and is completely safe and is biodegradable, non-toxic and non-irritant.

  • Is the paint harmful to the environment?

No, the paint is carefully manufactured, environmentally friendly and bio-degradable.

  • Does the paint irritate skin or eyes?

No, the paint is water-based and therefore should not cause any irritation. Although persons with sensitive skin or skin conditions should not enter the paint party. Please ensure all staff and customers read and understand the Event Disclaimer sheet provided prior to participating in the event.

  • What should my customers wear to the event?

White clothing is advised for the best effect and old clothing is preferable. As the floor may become slippery, only sensible shoes, preferably flat, should be worn. It is important that customers are advised of this prior to attending the event (e.g. flyers, posters, notices, social networking pages and ticket offices) Please inform customers that clothing may become stained.

  • How can we protect the venues fixtures and fittings?

By covering fixtures/fittings with plastic sheeting or bin liners, secured with strong tape.

  • Does the paint party leave much mess?

You should expect no more mess than from a foam party or similar.

  • Will the paint make the floor slippery?

Yes, the floor will become slippery as the paint is water based so the hazards are the same as if the floor had drink spillages or you were having a foam party. To help reduce the risk of slipping you shall install anti-slip flooring on the dance floor area, and request that staff maintain the rest of the venue with regular mopping of the slippery areas throughout the course of the event.

PRE-Event preparation

Any fixtures & Fittings, sofas, DJ equipment, projectors, mirror balls, speakers and lighting to be covered over by the venue, this can be done with black bin liners or plastic sheeting or similar.

We recommend taking down any fixtures or fittings that will be in direct projection of the stage area if possible.

Venue MUST advise all customers, via ALL promotional material for the event that only sensible/flat footwear should be worn for safety reasons. 

Venue MUST warn all customers, via ALL promotional material for the event that clothing and footwear may become stained from the paint and advise that old clothes are preferable.

All beverages MUST be served in plastic cups. No drinks are to be served in glasses or glass bottles.

On-going cleaning of beverage spillages, paint, or any other such hazard that increases the risk of slipping must be carried out by venue staff throughout the event.

Clean-up must take place immediately after the event; Please refer to the clean up and pre-prep instructions before the event commences.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) will be provided upon request.

The paints used are wheat-free, gluten-free, bio-degradable, non-toxic and will not irritate the skin or eyes. Our paints are water based and will wash off exposed skin, and out of clothing and hair, easily. Though the risk is minimal, some clothing may become stained. Persons with sensitive skin are advised not to partake in the event. Further detailed advice is clearly listed on the Disclaimer Forms.

Venue staff MUST ensure all beverage spillages, paint and other such hazards that may cause a person to slip, are mopped and cleaned up properly throughout the event to prevent accident or injury.

Prior to the event, we advise that you ensure you have the use of a Wet Vac, mops, buckets, squeegees, brushes, and plenty of blue roll, cloths and towels (preferably old), to commence the clean up during and as soon as the event finishes. Ensure these cleaning aids are stored in a place that they will be quickly and easily accessible to staff as soon as the event finishes.

Post-Event Clean Up

Cleaning should commence during & IMMEDIATELY after the event in order to achieve the best possible outcome, and venue management should take this into consideration when organising staff rotas on the night of the event, allowing for extra time and staff to ensure a thorough clean up.

Staff should have all the cleaning aids to hand as soon as the event ends (Wet Vac, mops, buckets, squeegees, brushes, and plenty of blue roll, cloths and towels (preferably old).

To remove the water-based paint from the floor quickly and efficiently, we strongly recommend using a Wet Vac. If you do not have the use of a Wet Vac, we advise that you absorb as much of the paint as possible using blue roll and towels.

To prevent 'spreading' the paint across the floor, mops should only be used AFTER the majority of the paint is removed from the floor using either a Wet Vac and/or blue roll and towels.

Remove any remaining excess paint residue using mops and HOT WATER ONLY.

Following this, the floor should then be mopped using CLEANING DETERGENT diluted in hot water.

Ensure that cleaning staff thoroughly clean the area the morning after the event, after which there should not be any traces of the paint remaining.

Adhering this advice will ensure the venue's original condition is quickly restored and ready for business as usual the following evening.