UV Splash Paint

UV Splash Paint Parties come from England and are now being organized throughout the whole of Europe! We offer the neon paint required for these parties, both as ready-made paint (4 x 500 ml bottles and 4 x 5 L canisters) and as UV Splash Paint powder for self-mixing. The paint can be washed out of most clothes and can be cleaned with water and soap.

Production: We fill our Splash Paints in Austria, and can produce larger quantities quickly. The used Splash Paint powder is manufactured in England according to high standards.


Frequently asked questions

  • What do you need to organize a Paint Party?

The UV Splash Paint is the most important product: we recommend the UV Splash Paint Powder to mix with water.

The paint needs to be squirted, use for example regular water pistols or paint blasters.

Also the blacklight lamps are necessary for Paint Parties at night (as a Disco Party). Obviously you can use the Splash Paint also during the day, at a Beach Party for example!

  • Will the UV paint stain my customers’ clothes or shoes?

The paint should not stain fabrics providing they are washed immediately after the event, although we recommend that you wear clothes that you would not mind if they did, unfortunately, become slightly stained. We recommend purchasing a boiler suit from our shop at the event or online.

  • Is the paint harmful, toxic or hazardous?

No, the paint is specially designed and manufactured by professional companies and is completely safe and is biodegradable, non-toxic and non-irritant.

  • Is the paint harmful to the environment?

No, the paint is carefully manufactured, environmentally friendly and bio-degradable.

  • Does the paint irritate skin or eyes?

No, the paint is water-based and therefore should not cause any irritation. Although persons with sensitive skin or skin conditions should not enter the paint party. Please ensure all staff and customers read and understand the Event Disclaimer sheet provided prior to participating in the event.

  • What should my guests wear to the event?

White clothing is advised for the best effect and old clothing is preferable. As the floor may become slippery, only sensible shoes, preferably flat, should be worn. It is important that customers are advised of this prior to attending the event (e.g. flyers, posters, notices, social networking pages and ticket offices) Please inform customers that clothing may become stained.

  • How can we protect the venues fixtures and fittings?

By covering fixtures/fittings with plastic sheeting or bin liners, secured with strong tape.

  • Does the paint party leave much mess?

You should expect no more mess than from a foam party or similar.

  • Will the paint make the floor slippery?

Yes, the floor will become slippery as the paint is water based so the hazards are the same as if the floor had drink spillages or you were having a foam party. To help reduce the risk of slipping you shall install anti-slip flooring on the dance floor area, and request that staff maintain the rest of the venue with regular mopping of the slippery areas throughout the course of the event.

Preparation tips for a Splash Party

All important furnishing, especially sofas, DJ equipment, projectors/lighting, mirror balls and speakers should be covered with plastic foil (or  black bin liners), the foil should be fixed with tape. This applies in particular to equipment located directly in the target area of the paint sprayers.

Guests MUST be informed in all promotional materials that they should wear only sensible/flat footwear for safety reasons, and that clothes and shoes will be stained. They should be advised to preferably wear old clothes to the party.

All drinks MUST be served in plastic cups. We recommend our blacklight cups made of stable plastic, they glow well in black light! Glass bottles and glasses should not be used!

During the whole event, it is necessary to ensure wiping up spilled drinks and paint, to minimise the risk of slipping.

The cleaning must start IMMEDIATELY after the end of the Splash Party (see cleaning instructions).

A safety data sheet (MSDS) can be provided upon request.

Before the party, make sure that enough cleaning material is available. We recommend a wet vacuum cleaner and sufficient quantities of paper towela (as used in Gas Stations, etc.) and old towels or pieces of fabric. The cleaning materials should be ready to use immediately after the party.

Tips for cleaning after a Splash Party

The cleaning must be started IMMEDIATELY after the end of the event. There should be enough staff available for cleaning right after the party.

The water-based paint can best be cleaned with a wet vacuum cleaner. If no such vacuum cleaner is available, the paint should wiped up with paper towels and old towels. In order not to spread the paint unnecessarily, you should not start wiping until most of the paint has already been absorbed!

The remaining paint can be cleaned with ONLY hot water. Only after this should the floor be mopped with hot water and cleaning detergent.

Make sure that the venue is thoroughly cleaned immediately after the event, and that no remnants of paint are left.

Following these instructions will ensure that the venue is quickly back to its original condition and can be used normally fot the next event.