UV soap bubbles

UV soap bubbles create a magical atmosphere at every party! When illuminated with blacklight lamps, these soap bubbles will float through the room as glowing spheres. Here is what you need:

  • UV Soap Bubbles Fluid: This fluid (soapy water) is mixed with UV active particles, which causes the soap bubbles to glow.
  • Bubble machine: Our machine creates big amounts of bubbles and blows them into the room.
  • Blacklight lamps: UV light is absolutely necessary to get the glow effect! Suitable lamps are available here.
  • A dark room or a dark place outdoors, where the blacklight effect works best.

Our UV Soap Bubbles Fluid is transparent in daylight, leaving no noticeable stains. In blacklight the bubbles glow in a translucent turquoise/blue. Ideal, if after the party -in daylight- no traces should be visible!