Blacklight paint

In this category you will find UV paint for walls, textiles, DIY-projects and so on. Are you looking for body paint? You can find it in the blacklight make-up section!

Let us help you with the right choice of UV paint!

Should the paint be visible or invisible in daylight?

  • Invisible UV paint is only visible under black light. It’s ideal for hidden graffiti’s or marks.
  • Visible UV paint is suitable for every usage, where no “invisible” effect is needed.

We offer different blacklight paints according to the surface and purpose:

  • UV wall paint: The emulsion paint works perfectly for interiors – achieve the best outcome by applying them on white walls.
  • UV textile paint: With textile paint your light coloured fabrics glow bright and colourful – fix the paint by ironing the clothes.
  • Neon UV spray paint: Our sprays are easy to handle and suitable for many surfaces.

If you have any questions about our products, feel free to contact us! We will recommend the most suitable UV/blacklight paint for your needs.