Blacklight makeup

Bright colors on your skin and nails? No problem with our neon UV make-up!

We offer body paint, lipsticks, hairspray, nailpolish and other cosmetic products that glow under blacklight (in the club…)!

Check out our most important blacklight make-up (neon UV make-up):

  • Neon bodypaint set of 6 x 12 ml: The wax-based colours can be used on your face and entire body – don’t miss out on them!
  • Neon nailpolish set: These 6 neon colours let your nails glow under blacklight!
  • Neon hairspray - 5 colour set: This hairspray covers even darker hair colours and gives them a neon touch – they also shine under blacklight!
  • Neon lipstick and lipgloss: Best quality, long-lasting, even after many kisses!
  • Eye make-up: Our products like eyeliner, mascara, etc. glow beautifully under blacklight!

All cosmetic products are produced in Europe and meet the requirements of the EU cosmetics directive!