Blacklight lamps

We have a wide range of blacklight lamps for different purposes:

  • Blacklight UV lamps and energy saving UV lamps

These UV lamps bring to shine all UV products as neon body paint, glow in the dark nail polish, etc. to approximately 3-4 meters. In optimal conditions you can illuminate a 7m by 7m area with one blacklight UV lamp. However we recommend the use of 2-3 blacklight UV lamps for a surface of 50 square meters.

You can obtain a better light effect if you place a blacklight UV lamp every 3-4 meters, illuminating each guest from all sides. The more blacklight the better effect!

Blacklight UV tubes and blacklight UV energy saving lamps emit black light in an optimal wavelength of about 365 nm. At this wavelength, invisible neon paints light in the desired color.

  • UV LED floodlight

These UV floodlights are very energy efficient thanks to the UV LED technology and ideal for lighting stages and dance floors. The range is 7-10 meters. The wavelength of UV LED is about 395 nm, which is closer to the visible light. That's why the invisible neon paints shine in a different color - the luminous effect of the visible neon paints is perfect!

We offer LED UV floodlights of 10W (equivalent to an 80-100 W incandescent lamp) and LED UV floodlights of 30W (equivalent to 250-300 W). These UV floodlights are very energy-saving and a durable alternative for floodlights with 400 W bulbs.

  • Blacklight UV LED flashlights / torches