Blacklight lamps

Make your NEON decorations, clothes and makeup glow!

UV LED torches are really inexpensive and practical to carry around:

Fixed blacklight lamps illuminate entire rooms, dance floors and stages with UV light:

More information about blacklight lighting

Modern LED technology for blacklight illumination

At Eventlights we focus on modern LED UV lamps: UV LEDs are much brighter than conventional UV fluorescent tubes or UV energy saving lamps. Even 10 watts light up a larger party room without any problems, and make neon/UV materials glow brightly!

LED technology has great advantages especially in the case of blacklight floodlights: You can easily replace conventional 400W floodlights with one or two 30W LED floodlights. This saves a lot of energy and avoids having to regularly exchange the 400W bulbs.

Room lighting: How many UV lamps do I need?

UV LED floodlights and LED bars illuminate over a distance of about 8-10 m. For the best effect, party guests should be illuminated from several sides (so that nothing is in the "UV light shadow").

Take a look at the floor plan of the room: A UV lamp should be installed at least every 5-10 metres. Every guest should be illuminated from multiple sides. In a smaller party room with 5 x 5 metres you can, for example, fix a UV bar or a floodlight on 2-3 of its walls.

A stage should be illuminated from 2 sides, e.g. from left down and right down, depending on the assembling possibilities. For clubs, are ideal for the lightning installation: Simply mount several 30W UV floodlights to the trusses (and secure them with safety ropes!) to ensure that the dance floor is well illuminated.

Regular ambient light and blacklight

The blacklight effect works best if there is ONLY blacklight in the room - in other words, if the room is otherwise completely dark. Of course, this cannot always be achieved, as there are usually other lights around (e.g.: colourful decorative lights, safety lights, stage lighting, etc.).

If you use powerful UV floodlights, this is generally not a problem, as the effect is still good despite decorative lights.

However, be aware that strong white light (sunlight, white spotlights, normal fluorescent tubes, etc.) always ruins the blacklight effect. Only darkening the room will help.

Better try it out!

The easiest way to plan a larger project is to try out the effect: Order a floodlight, mount it, turn on any other (decorative) lights, test how well the blacklight effect works (with white t-shirts or other UV-active materials) and check how far apart the lamps should be installed!

UV wavelength: 365 vs. 395 nm

  • 395 nm: Most UV LED lamps and torches have a wavelength of 395 nm. This is close to the visible light spectrum, and ideal for parties as it makes neon decoration, clothing or makeup shine bright. These lamps also emit violet light, allowing the eye to see it clearly.
  • 365 nm: Special applications require UV light with a shorter wavelength, typically 365 nm. This is further away from visible light, so such lamps appear rather weak to the human eye as they emit only a small amount of violet light. But they are perfect to make all security features of banknotes visible (something that is not possible with 395nm lamps), and even urine glows well under 365 nm UV light - just what you need for "CSI applications". We offer a 365 nm UV torch for these purposes.

Do neon-coloured products glow in blacklight?

Many neon products glow in blacklight, but by far not all! It depends on the colours used by the manufacturer: the product can only glow in blacklight if it contains fluorescent colour pigments. In Eventlights we test ALL products with our UV lamps. As a rule, we only sell articles that also have a good blacklight effect.

We develop products such as blacklight wall paints in close cooperation with the manufacturers, in order to achieve an excellent UV luminosity. Products like neon tulle or UV wool are carefully selected based on their best possible blacklight effect.

Do you have any questions about the blacklight effect? Contact us:, we will gladly help you!