Blacklight fabric

With our neon fabrics you can turn great sewing ideas into a reality. No problem if you want to decorate a party location, dress up a whole carnival group or create a new outfit for yourself. Our sets of blacklight satin, panne velvet and tulle are just what you need. Let your imagination run wild!

Sew and decorate with blacklight tulle and fabric 

Tulle is generally very popular for costumes. During carnival or Halloween, it is indispensable. And UV tulle makes anything even more interesting when it glows in blacklight. Use this fun effect to make your creations even more appealing and eye-catching!

Our neon tulle in six different colours offers great possibilities. Rainbow dresses, sassy tutus, petticoats or clown collars, there are countless ways to transform it into funny, cheeky or wild costumes. Satin and panne velvet, on the other hand, are perfect for fancy outfits. Gowns for elves, trolls, princesses or fairies can be made from them. 

Blacklight fabrics are very versatile, also as decorations. Choose your own DIY project and give them a try!