Neon wigs

With our colourful neon wigs you can complete as many looks and costume ideas as you can think of. Explore all style options for carnival, Halloween or any trendy events.

With Neon Wigs you can quickly change your look

Wigs transform you effortlessly, in just seconds. Forget about the annoyance of applying temporary hair colour or trying to come up with a different hairstyle without actually cutting your hair. Our wig range makes it possible for you to change from a sexy witch to a cute troll or a punk princess in a heartbeat!

With our neon wigs you are always ready to go. Celebrate fun events and private parties with a new look each time. Whether long hair or a trendy bob, the choice is yours. Their intense neon colours make all of our wigs stand out. In blacklight they have also a sensational glow.

Matching neon clothes can emphasize your style. Give yourself that extra touch of authenticity with some neon accessories.

Be the star at the next 80’s party with a rainbow mullet. Add a neon punk wig or an afro to your Halloween or carnival costume. Show off the neon colours during a street parade and glow in blacklight when you go clubbing at night.