Premium glow bracelets, 100 pack

Item number 210

These premium glow bracelets glow for hours, and come with connectors – lots of fun for kids and the young at heart! In individual packs of bright colours, or in a multi-colour pack (green, red, yellow, blue, orange, pink). Glow bracelets, necklaces, balls, flowers, glasses or hair clips – with our glow sticks, along with other accessories – you are guaranteed to have more fun!

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The glow bracelets are by far the best-selling glow sticks! They cost only a few cents each and bring over thousands of partypeople to shine in a very economic way!

These great glow bracelets are also ideal for fundraising and re-selling on parties: a glow bracelet can be sold for 50 Cent, even for 1 Euro!

We sell glow bracelets of a top quality - for over 12 years!

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