Neon UV tape yellow - 20 m

Item number 1633

Create markings and signs for your party in neon green. Neon tape is great for many practical uses while adding a touch of colour.

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Our green neon tape is ideal for marking stairs and edges. It can also be used to emphasize signs. If your party needs some special highlights, you can also decorate cups or tables with it. The possibilities are endless with our handy neon tape.

This duct tape is very flexible and simple to handle: You can easily rip it with your hands, so you can also tear narrow strips! Its neon colour glows bright in blacklight.

Technical details: All-purpose, made of polyester and cotton fabric (70 mesh) with smooth polyethylene surface coating, impermeable to steam, Temperature-resistant up to 90 degrees.

Colours in the set: yellow (2 x 10 m)

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