Neon Beaded Bracelets in 80s Style |

Neon Beaded Bracelets in 80s Style

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Colourful neon beaded bracelets add a splash of colour to your day! Perfect for festivals, concerts, or 80s parties, these accessories bring fun and a touch of nostalgia. You can wear them individually or mix and match – be creative! Whether as a small gift for friends or a colourful detail for your party outfit, these bracelets are versatile. They are lightweight, comfortable to wear, and match any outfit. Just slip them on, and you're ready for a retro look!

Blacklight Effect

The green, yellow, and pink beads are not only bright neon colours in daylight but also glow under blacklight!


  • 1 set with 4 neon beaded bracelets in pink, orange, yellow, and green