LED suspenders

Make a statement with LED suspenders - with this accessory you cannot go unnoticed!

They can be set on continuous or flashing light modes. Just the way you prefer. In clubs and at parties the effect is especially good, but also at private events you are a real head-turner with these suspenders! Simply wear them over black clothes as a colour accent or use them to create an extravagant neon look.

Ideal for carnival when a quick costume is needed, they pair perfectly with our LED hats, you can combine them in matching colours!

Our LED suspenders have great light effects: the built-in LEDs can be activated using a switch - they either light up in a continuous light mode or flash (you can choose between fast or slow flashing too!).

Their bright LEDs are also visible in daylight, and really stand out in disco/party settings.

Additional feature: The pink suspenders and the neon green suspenders also glow intensely in blacklight!