LED cups

Serve cocktails and long drinks with style

Whether you prefer to enjoy your drink on the terrace or in your basement bar, with LED flashing cups every beverage looks twice as good. Their coloured lights are ideal for parties and provide an additional fun factor. Whether on a single shade or a continuous colour change, they just give your cocktails an -out of the ordinary- upgrade.

Non-breakable glasses and cups are especially suitable for parties. Plastic beakers are also a good alternative to glassware for outdoor events, such as on terraces or at garden barbecues.

However, they should not be boring and fragile disposable cups, but real eye-catchers. With a LED illuminated glass every drink looks more attractive. Seven different colours beautify your long drinks, from a delicious Bramble to Gin Tonic to a Touch Down. Choose between red, blue, purple or one of other great colours by just pressing a button. You can also set a continuous light colour change.

Our larger sets of LED drinking glasses are the perfect solution for your party, so you always have enough to spare. Of course they can be reused, so you can enjoy them for many nights. Once the LED light runs out, their battery can be changed quickly and easily. So be environmentally conscious and trendy at the same time, and amaze your guests with these hip flashing beakers.

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