Fibre optic torches

Set the perfect mood at a concert or party with our fibre optic torches!

The light of their colourful LEDs is transmitted to the fibre optic threads creating wonderful effects. All fibre optic torches in our shop have different light functions: flashing in one color, moodlight colour changes, etc. - just choose your favorite mode with the switch!

Fibre optic torches for every occasion

LED fibre optic torches can be used to set the right ambience for any type of event. They actually work like sparklers, and are also used in the same way: when a group of people turns them on to create a luminous atmosphere together, it provides a pleasant feeling of closeness and relaxes the mood.

The main difference to sparklers is that our products are safer, something that is especially important at children birthday's parties, for example. And, besides our classic multi coloured fibre optic torches, we also offer different designs, that can be interesting for themed parties: what about getting some heart-shaped torches for the next Valentine’s day party? Or trying a LED mega whirlabout spaceball for that fun visual effect that will look great during Carnival celebrations?

How do fibre optic torches work?

Fibre optic torches consist of many fibre optic threads, which transport the light from several LEDs in a handle/stick. These threads are flexible, they "wave", creating great lighting effects.

These torches have multicoloured LEDs, so colours displayed can change, for example, in "moodlight" mode (a slow colour transition). 

Fibre optic torches as a safe alternative

At events - whether at concerts, TV shows or weddings - security is very important. This makes LED fibre optic torches a good alternative to items such as sparklers, candles or lighters, because they work completely without combustion!