Invisible UV glow paint 4x50ml

Item number 531

This glow paint is a water-soluble dispersion and is only visible under UV light!

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The colour sticks to almost all surfaces. It is water and wipe-resistant when dry.

The colours can be mixed with one another so that you can create a lot of personalised tones. Use it for decorating, “hidden” pictures, modding and much more!

Colours in set: blue, yellow, green, red (4 x 50 ml)

In regard to action at light of UV LED torches: The wavelength of the UV light on led torches is slightly different from the wavelength on UV neon tubes. Due to this invisible luminous paint in particular it can have a different colour shade if they get illuminated by UV LED torches. 

You can order UV/blacklight lights at the same time!

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