Neon makeup

Achieve more interesting looks with neon makeup

Set a bright accent with neon makeup! Enjoy the fun factor that comes with its awesome colours: they are perfect for plenty of events and creative ideas. Neon makeup provides real highlights that can be used on many occasions. Wear these eye-catching colours to dress up in retro style when you're going to an 80s party, stand out at the club or even at the beach (neon makeup looks great on tanned skin!)

Neon colours are very intense even in daylight, but their special charm is especially visible in blacklight. All eyes will turn to you when your lips shine brightly on the dance floor or when your eyelashes suddenly start to glow. This effect looks also really cool on nails and hair. Evenlights offers you a full range of neon make-up for maximum fun.

Explore the many applications of body paints in neon tones. Incredibly fantastic designs are possible with these colours.

They are ideal for:

  • Carnival
  • Theater
  • Children's makeup
  • Sensational body painting projects