Neon party decor

Colourful ideas for your neon party decoration

The right party decoration adds to a fun party atmosphere. Neon decor can be used for many events and themed parties, to adorn any location. From a cellar to a garden tent, it is the perfect way to liven up the place. Transform any boring space with the great DIY materials in our product range: cover walls and surfaces, bring some colour to furniture and appliances, create beautiful neon art.

Our neon party decor can be used in many different ways to make your party rooms more cheerful and appealing. Little effort is often needed to obtain great results.

Prepare the set-up for a bachelorette party or a Valentine's Day event with fun and romantic pink elements. Go for UV balloons, swirl garlands and shimmering neon satin. Try neon decoration also for Halloween parties. Chose especially "poisonous" colours like orange and bright green. Create glowing spider webs out of neon wool, or paint pumpkins with fluorescent paint.