Neon cups

At many theme parties we awaken our colourful side in many different ways. To complete a cohesive overall picture, cups in neon colours are precisely what you need! They are just as suitable for private parties as they are for larger events.

The love is in the detail

Colourful drinking glasses brighten up the mood even more, especially when used in blacklight: all our neon cups glow in UV light! In addition, they can be reused, which reduces the amount of annoying waste. We recommend our sturdy shot glasses especially for clubs and bars, but our colourful long-drink glasses can also be a hit on private children's birthday celebrations or at 80s parties! Here is a selection of our most popular products:

  • 100 neon UV cups: Our 250 ml glasses can be washed in the dishwasher, the same way as our other cups.
  • 20 neon UV cups: This smaller pack includes 20 cups and is ideal for private events.
  • 16 neon shot beakers: Our colourful shot glasses contain 50 ml and, like all our cups, are made of high-quality plastic.