Neon clothing

Neon clothing is always popular when the required dress code is fun and informal. They are the choice for glowing Neon Parties, Carnival celebrations, 80s parties or even a ‘bad taste’ themed event!

Of course, our neon outfits also glow perfectly in blacklight - for that extra glow effect in the disco and on the dance floor!

Make yourself glow

With the neon clothes from our product range a flashy, funky look is guaranteed! Give these ones a try:

Do neon clothes glow in blacklight?

Neon outfits always look good in daylight: they have bright, saturated, eye-catching, neon colours! But do they also glow in blacklight? 

This depends on the (fluorescent) materials and dyes used. A neon green shirt could shine brightly in blacklight, or not at all. At Eventlights we test all neon accessories, clothing and decorative items with blacklight illumination - only glowing items are included in the shop!