Neon body paint

Cosmetic paints in vibrant colours make any party more interesting! Distribute the paint tubes among the partygoers, and soon there will be no more bored faces! The fluorescent body paints in our range of products glow intensely under the light of UV or blacklight lamps.

Neon body paint sets

Paint your body! Our sets can be used for different occasions, no matter whether in carnival or on outdoor celebrations in peak summer season. Our paints glow intensely, last many hours and are easy to remove after the event. They can be applied with a brush, a sponge or simply with your fingers.

Our top sellers:

  • Neon body paint set with 6 colours (6 x 12 ml): Great for small parties - but in higher quantities also suitable for large events (e.g.: 50 sets for 500-1000 guests)
  • Neon paint sticks: These wax-based crayons are perfect for drawing fine details on the skin. The paint dries immediately and holds very well!

How much body paint is needed per person?

  • With 2 ml of body paint you can already paint small symbols or lines on your face (with a brush or using your fingers)
  • For a completely painted face (face painting) you need about 4-6 ml
  • For the whole upper body: Approx. 20-40 ml of paint depending on size

Our neon body paints can be easily washed off with soap and water!