Halloween party

How to rock it at your Halloween party

Celebrate the most spectacular night of horror. This terrifying and fun festivity even has Celtic origins, as an evening dedicated to commemorate the dead. If you love the spookiness, this holiday is perfect for you.

For a successful Halloween party you need a good decoration, a scary buffet and friends who, like you, enjoy spine-chilling costumes. Find more ideas for Halloween decoration here!

Glowing Halloween deco

Decorate the party location with a cool neon skeleton, plenty of nasty UV spider webs and interesting neon garlands that glow bright in UV light. Eventlights also offers a lot of ingenious accessories for the costumes, many of which look even better in blacklight.

Reveal your inner demon with blinking devil horns, or bring out the angel in you. Our enchanting LED angel wings will give you something mystical.

Our neon wigs are also great to dress up for your Halloween party: How about a costume as a cheeky troll? Our troll wig is a real eye-catcher. Or you can be a sexy witch wearing a long-haired green wig with UV effects, the world will be at your feet!

Matching lighting for your Halloween party

To achieve the best effect, you need lighting that makes the most of your decoration. Blacklight lamps ensure the desired UV effect, making everything glow. This makes the decorative elements even more impressive and gives costumes a ghostly look. For a creepily beautiful Halloween, Eventlights has everything you need.