Christmas party

Give yourself a bright Christmas. Whether it's a Christmas celebration with friends, colleagues or simply with your family, every party is a success with fun accessories. Cool Santa hats with flashing stars, colourful fibre optic torches or cute LED badges can make your Christmas party interesting for everyone!

Christmas doesn’t have to be boring! With glowing accessories, any Christmas event gets more informal. If you're looking for fun rather than contemplation, our products are ideal for you. Offer your guests something different! What about a fancy dress party? Santa’s costumes are a classic, also dressing as a chic angel is perfect for the occasion: a bright LED halo and a pair of angel wings that also glow in UV light are all you need! 

Flashing badges and pendants are also a nice, festive touch. Blinking stars are great for the pre-Christmas season but, if you would like something more specific, handing out Santa’s face badges is the way to go. Create a christmassy atmosphere by decorating with some green and red tulle and giving away green and red glow bracelets and glow sticks.