More than just confetti for Carnival

Looking for a carnival celebration or a costume that stands out from the mainstream? Go for colorful neon effects and make yourself and your party a vibrant eye-catcher. What was boring yesterday, can be now turned neon! Multicoloured costume ideas, room decorations and accessories will make your carnival event a complete success. Even carnival groups can be beautifully styled in a bright coloured look with our products.

Most people want to stand out during the carnival season. Groups and individual costumes always compete for general attention. So why not create looks in such a way that their colours alone are the real highlights? With our affordable neon tulle, dreamlike ideas can be implemented at a low cost and with super cool results.

Use tulle to make your own:

  • tulle skirts
  • hair accessories
  • ribbons
  • room decorations
  • tulle flowers

Large quantities of neon tulle (40 m bales) are particularly inexpensive and perfect for group costumes or for decorating a large room. Many matching accessories such as neon balloons, neon honeycombs or garlands are a great complement to complete the decoration of your party location.