80s party

Bright, colourful, flashy and loud! The era of the New Wave, punk music and the Rubik's Cube left a lasting impression. Besides the right music, the right outfit is important when it comes to an 80s Party - and you will find it here!

Retro is back in!

Who doesn't like to remember this time? At 80s parties old stories are retold, choreographed to the best hits and the unique atmosphere that made this decade so special can be felt once again.

How do I find the right costume?

In our webshop! Here you can get ideas for your styling and order the desired products right away. A few highlights from our shop:

Make-up for the 80s party

Get some extra colour accents with our brightly coloured NEON make-up sets! Here are some tips:

  • Neon lipstick: 6 neon colours for your lips that also glow in blacklight!
  • Draw on your face and body, with our neon paint sticks
  • You can never have enough glitter! Try our neon glitters on your hair, skin and nails!
  • Don’t forget your manicure! Get it done with our neon nail polish: 6 vibrant colours in a set.