Flirt Party Set with 800 glow sticks

This glow stick set is ideal for a Flirt Party or a Singles Party: every guest gets a bright glow bracelet to show off their Flirt Status!

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This Flirt Party Set is perfect for Singles Parties with 400 - 500 guests, so everyone can have a bracelet in the desired colour!

Included in the set:

  • 400 GREEN glow bracelets - "I want to flirt!"
  • 200 YELLOW glow bracelets - "Maybe you have a chance!"
  • 200 RED glow bracelets - "Sorry, I'm taken."

The matching connectors are of course included!


  • Prepare the glow stick bracelets before the party starts: put the connectors on the glow sticks, without bending them.
  • Have the glow bracelets with their connectors ready to go, e.g. put them in sturdy drinking glasses or cups by the entrance.
  • Bend the bracelets just before the guests arrive - you can bend and shake a whole bunch (50-100 glow sticks) at once, that gives a great result!
  • Have 2-3 people hand out the bracelets - so that each guest gets only 1 or 2 glow sticks in the desired colour.
  • IMPORTANT: If glow sticks are offered "to take freely", the supply is used up very quickly. Young party goers particularlly love glow sticks and usually take as many as they can get!

Glow bracelets glow well in blacklight - even if they are burned out after 8-12 hours of use and no longer glow by themselves!

We have been selling high quality Glow Bracelets for more than 12 years!