50 Mini Glow Sticks

Mini glow sticks were created for fishing at night – but also look great at parties!


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Mini glow sticks at parties

Mini glow sticks are a versatile party decoration: They can be spread on a table or glued to walls - and give glowing sparcles this way.

Put mini glow sticks into transparent helium balloons and let them float in the air! With 1-2 mini glow sticks inside, the balloon is still capable of flying without any problems!

Hint: Fill one of our LED balloons with helium to get a similar effect!

Mini Angler Knicklichter

At dusk and at night there are great opportunities for fishermen: night-active predator fish look for food and faster attention also to the bait!

Glow sticks are being used for night-fishing for many years: the mini glow sticks need te be placed near the bait to be able to follow each movement and catch! 

Glow sticks aren't only used for following the movements of the bait: fishermen report that they catch more fish when using the glow sticks! The light of the glow sticks attracts more fish and ensures a successful fishing!

We offer glow sticks of a Premium Quality, in practical 50 piece bags!

Attention: Do not store the glow products in a hot place over 25-30°C (like in a hot car), this can damage the products. We recommend to store glow products at temperatures below 20°C.