Neon UV streamers spray - 12 pieces display - 3 colours

Item number 1604

What would parties be without streamers? With this ingenious neon streamer spray you can top any event! For colourful effects and glowing fun.

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Choose between pink, yellow and blue, the display contains four cans of each. The principle is well known - one push of a button and a thin foam stream comes out. But this streamer spray comes in the brightest neon colours you can imagine. A real highlight when they glow in blacklight, they even look vibrant in daylight.

Delivery scope:

  • 4 cans streamers spray in NEON pink
  • 4 cans streamers spray in NEON yellow
  • 4 cans streamers spray in NEON blue
  • Counter display for resellers (see photo)

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